Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ALmost Easter

It's almost Easter. I love Easter.

I am feeling God ever present in my daily "living" and that He is calling me to trust Him even more recently. That sometimes what He provides for the day will be awesome and feel good, and sometimes it won't. But, I am realizing there is a peace that comes with knowing that every day He is there, and He gives me provision enough for each day.

I have really been meditating on what this week means, as much more than just an "Easter celebration" but a celebration of true life and life that only comes from knowing Jesus. I'm amazed at how much our culture is surrounded by symbols of Him but still fail to see the need for Him with everyday life.

I'm ever thankful that God truly does impossible things in our lives if we allow Him, and that the most amazing of all is just the change of heart He brings and contines to fashion until the day of completion..He will continue the work that He started:).

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