Thursday, November 6, 2008

Professional what?

A professional can be considered a person who is expert at his or her work. I'm not really an "expert" in the work world so to speak, but I feel like this word has cropped up in my life a lot lately. Tonight for some reason, I was thinking about how we could use this term in other areas of our lives, both to portray positive qualities or skills we might possess and also to expose the negative or perhaps sinful actions or motives we may also hold dear to much so that we don't realize we've reached the "professional" or expert status.

In which areas could someone looking at your life call you a professional?

Here's some types of non-traditional professionals I thought of:

Professional Worrier
Professional Peacemaker
Professional Email-checker (does this even make sense with what professional means? Who knows, but I think I am this)
Professional Shopper
Professional Non-shopper...hmm
Professional Idler
Professional Reader
Professional Health Nut
Professional Relaxer
Professional TV Junkie
Professional Caregiver
Professional Whitness
Professional Sleeper (can I please learn from someone who is good at this?)
Professional Hostess
Professional Giver-upper
Professional Judger
Professional Cleaner (this too? :) )
Professional Cheerleader
Professional Optimist
Professional Learner
Professional Lover
Professional Giver (yay Visio Dei)
Professional Truth-teller

I think I need to ponder this awhile, and determine how to stop being a professional at some of these things, and also maybe thank God for some of the others where He's molding me in a good way through them.

Any thoughts professional bloggers? :)

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