Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pretend Bride?

I think the best part of my week was today on the phone when Traci said I could wear her wedding dress for Halloween. Wow-what a pal! haha..she said it's been sitting in her room for 3 years and she's not planning to wear it anytime soon.

I would definitely make a statement wearing that I'm sure...but Traci, I might pass. We'll have to see how much I feel like being a bride-for-a-day. Who knows though, it might just make some groom-for-a-day out there interested? (ha, only kidding of course;) ).'s a funny idea. I do think I would freeze. And get a lot of looks on the streets.

Halloween is always a funny night. I never know how to dress up. I'm doing a program for work tomorrow night too so I might just have to go as myself.

Any other last minute easy suggestions?


Jenny Benny said...

I like the bride idea!

you could be a Freudian slip: wear a slip over your clothes with a sign on it that says "Freudian"

or Punky Brewster

I've got a tacky Christmas sweater you could wear.

Julie said...

I love your ideas Jenny!I still don't know. Are you going as anything? What are you doing tomorrow night? I might break all the rules and communicate over blogs. Haha I guess you could just email me and let me know...:)I am working for work but then maybe going out afterwards. Again, I will stand out w/ no costume but maybe I will make you dress me:).

traci said...

My offer is still on the table ;)

Have so much fun tonight and if you feel up to it, after you are done with the work trick or treating, come say hi to me at NoFo... I will be dressed as Peter Pan

Mip said...

oh main julie i still think the bride idea is great! doooo iittt :)