Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's been sort of a difficult 24 hours, but I decided to celebrate it being over by going for a swim (yes I did lots of dolphin jumps J and M:))....here's some pictures of my favorite little friends courtesy of Julianne.

Someday, I'm still going to swim with them (with my friend Jodi from high school who shares my love of dolphins and maybe deep down is one, too!).

Tonight I just want to say thanks to an everlasting Traci, who is always there when I need her friendship and prayers. This is only part of what I thought was such a heartfelt prayer. It helps me see how much prayer DOES change things as my situation and perception changed before I even opened my inbox, and I know it's in part because of God's will to listen to our hearts. I hope I can learn from the earnestness (if that's a word) of your prayers, Traci.

God, help us to seek you. Forgive our thoughts that we should and can control our circumstances. The truth is that you are in control. Forgive our anxiousness. Help us to pray and cast off the burdens in this world as you desire us to.

Sometimes, it's hard to see how God gets the glory from tough situations, but I pray that somehow He will (and selfishly I pray that this can come sooner rather than later for some of mine). Lord, help me discover how to pray earnestly for your will and not to just be removed from discomfort. I know you have everything in control.

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traci said...

I'm glad that God is speaking to you... prayer is really a powerful thing.

I'm so thankful for your friendship and for the grace of God.