Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Small but significant.

Most Tuesday mornings I meet with my friends Liz and Sarah for a Bible study on Romans. Liz used to live in my apartment complex but she moved to Wake Forest because she was getting married. And Sarah is my friend from Liz who I met when I started going to the study. I became great friends with them both pretty instantly upon meeting them, although I met Liz about a year before. We don't get to see each other too much, but when we do, it's always a time of sharing our recent stories and life situations, laughing and just having a good time, before we get to studying God's word. Those girls are amazing and I always come out more encouraged when being around them.

One of the points I got out of talking with them today is that this world and God's plan for it is so much bigger than the here and now, and bigger than ourselves and our life which seems to be the focal point, because we don't really know any different. Iadmit, it's hard sometimes to think outside of something big that happens now, because we really do have a simple perspective compared to God's vast understanding of how all our lives fit together and time in general. Sarah mentioned how she saw a video by Rob Bell that dicussed how different we would view things if we saw them in 2D, and that somehow our life is lived in 1D, although we've lived the past, and we know (for the most part) that there is a future ahead of us, all we can see and actually be part of at one time is the now, the present, that 1D spectrum of understanding. God has a 3D look at everything all of us have done, are doing now, and will do. That's hard to comprehend.

It's interesting to me that this falls into the way of thinking that pops into my head sometimes, where it's hard for me to fathom that God somehow is in tune with (and even interested in) the goings-on of my little existence when there's such a vast world out there. Is he really as involved as people speak of him being? Has he really constructed and worked out a precise plan for me in the same way he has for people in general? Sometimes I want to know more about how God works than I possibly ever could. It's in my nature to be curious about things like this, but I think it's important forme to come to an acceptance that even if it's hard to believe, I have to have faith that God is there personally and intimitally for all people individually. He does care for us in ways we don't even realize.

I have recently started to really like Robbie Seay's songs (but I love Jason and the Visio Dei band singing them even more:) ) I really like Song of Hope and Love Wins. Here's a bit of the words from Love Wins.

It’s a big world,
We are hoping
For a big change,
We are broken

In the fading light of a dying sun
We cry for redemption.
There is hope, there is hope, there is hope
Everyone who’s lost will be coming home
And everything that hurts will be whole again
And love will be the last thing standing.

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