Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little lighter :)

Here's only a few reasons why I love my journal group gals:

-she wears shirts in public that say "I may not be perfect but some parts of me are pretty spectacular".
-some people have mistaken her as my sister and that makes me smile.
-she likes to talk about deep things as much as me and can handle all my analysis' and questions about life.
-she's very passionate about people and helping them draw nearer to God.
-she has helped me through many tough times and still does to this day.
-she nurtures the child in her by laughing, dancing, and coloring as much as she can.
-she never makes me feel silly when I do silly things like get lost in her neighborhood (on foot) and call her to pick me up.

-her name stands alone. she is not a nickname of any other name
-she enables me to learn more about the unbelievable world of archetecture and allows me to pretend to have a job along with her and her collegues.
-she listens to me talk and humors me.
-she has lots of interesting things to say.
-she helps me remember that everyone sees the world differently and that makes living more fun.
-she was one of the first friends I had when I decided to stop being anynonomous at Visio Dei and be friends with people. she has always welcomed me into groups of people and made me feel accepted.
-she's an amazing cook and hostess and pulls both off with such ease.

Together, I really like them because (and it doesn't stop here...)
-they too never had detention in high school
-they may be among the only people who read my blog.


Jenny Benny said...

look at you! a fun post!
I love you!

and we both have you lined from our blogs so maybe you have some secret readers

traci said...

thanks for the shout out Julie. This was the perfect thing to read before going to sleep tonight.

I love my shirt by the way!

You guys are awesome... we'll start recruiting more readers.

Julie said...

Thanks..love you guys too. And instead of "journal" I meant "journey" (to other people who are confused. I know you're out there readers ;) ).