Friday, September 12, 2008

Take a hike, Ike! (my one shot at humor in another serious post).

Tonight I am saying some prayers for the people who are now in the midst of Hurricane Ike and other storms arising from it and the other hurricanes of this season. Even though crazy weather scares me, it's always fascninated me in a weird way. I don't like people getting hurt, but somehow the excitement of odd weather gets me excited too, if nothing else than it just changes things up a bit. And it reminds me of the bigness of things happening in our world.

BUT, that doesn't mean I like the repercussions of all of it. My brother moved from Dallas to Houston a few months ago and since then it's been tropical storm after tropical storm and now he has had to evacuate because of Ike hitting Texas with a storm "the size of Texas itself" some weather stories noted. That is so insane I can't comprehend it. There are many people who didn't flee, taking their chances, and while some may trust in God, there's no where that it says those who hold faith will be spared, is there? There's a lot of people of faith who get stuck in things like this all the time. Towns are most likely going to get swept away by this storm. I just pray that it doesn't overtake the people and the city as hard as they are predicting. Sometimes I wonder if God is trying to send a message with all this stuff, or if that is being read into??

We really do not have control, and that can be scary, but something to come to terms with.

I know growing up in the midwest and we were always having near-tornadoes, semi-floods, etc. We had lots of storms, power outages, in the winter we had white-outs. I know what it's like on a small level to have serious things happen, but not on this grand scale. Somehow, I pray that as much unnecessary hurt and damage can be spared from those who have to live with the destruction. It's something so outside of us, but it can't be beyond us. I know it's not for me because a close family member is experiencing it right now, but it makes me more curious about how people respond to things differently when it hits home versus when it doesn't. There's so much heartache and destruction in this world, we can't feel it all can we?

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